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What to Do with Your Extra Bedroom

Many homeowners find themselves with an extra bedroom that they are not using. Sometimes this is because you are expecting to start a family down the line and want a house you can stay and grow in. Other times, it’s because your child has grown up and gone away to college.

A home office is one of the most common uses for a bedroom that’s not used as a bedroom. Even if your job doesn’t allow you to work from home, a home office is still an effective way to take care of things like paying bills, making important phone calls, etc. You don’t need a whole lot of expensive equipment to set up a home office as long as you have the basics like a desk, computer, filing cabinet, and more.

If you don’t need an office and are looking for some other ideas for that extra bedroom, you might want to turn it into a guest bedroom. If your young adult is away at college, chances are they’ll be back for the summer and over the holidays so you may not want to completely redo their room. Updating some of the furniture can make it an attractive bedroom for guests and your college student alike. You can also rent out the room if you so choose.

Creative Ideas for Your Extra Bedroom

If you’re looking for some more creative ideas for that extra bedroom, consider the following:

• Putting green room

• Cat or dog room

• Music room

• Collection room

• Billiards room

• Library/reading room

• Home theater room

• Yoga/meditation/prayer room

• Wine room

• Extra-large walk-in closet