Top Luxury Home Builder in Arizona


With more than 45,000 registered contractors in Arizona, how do you choose the best of the bunch for your dream home?

It’s not always easy to determine the top builder, especially when there are so many ways to define this term. Is it a great BBB rating? Is it strong Google reviews? Can you gauge the quality of the builder by looking at their workmanship on homes? Have they received community and industry awards? What do past clients say about them? How about subcontractors who have worked with them?

Prospective clients should check into all of these things to get an accurate picture of the quality and consistency available from a home builder.

Another factor is if a builder doesn’t stop at creating just one home. A top Arizona home builder may want to focus on creating entire communities with amenities like trails, parks, landscaping, and more.  

Cachet Homes

Cachet Homes, which many consider the top Arizona home builder, specializes in luxury homes, condominiums and townhomes. Rather than creating one home at a time and calling it good, Cachet Homes is a firm believer in how vital it is to create strong neighborhoods and communities. These can be places where luxury property owners can use their home as a foundation for their future.

Luxury Home Builder in Phoenix

Although Cachet Homes hopes its luxury homes and communities speak for themselves, the company is also always proud to let others know about its past accomplishments in the Phoenix area and Northern Arizona, including the No. 1 production home builder honor in the state in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, and in the Top 5 of builders in the state going back to 2002.  This is an annual award presented by Ranking Arizona, voted on by readers.

Since 1990, Cachet Homes has made sure all of its communities include all the elements that can be appealing to property owners, such as trees, trails, wide streets, and different styles and sizes of homes. There are also plenty of choices for different budgets, locations, and lifestyles, including varying amounts of acreage.

Your home can be a place to reflect your needs and personal style. Owners may want to stay there for years or consider exploring other Cachet Homes communities.

If you’re searching for a top home builder in Arizona, consider reaching out to Cachet Homes. You can learn about their new communities, their history, their style, as well as their philosophies, and request a bid.

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