Top Luxury Home Amenities in 2022

Resort-Style Pool, home amenity

Creating a luxurious ambiance in your home is more than just ensuring it is well-appointed. It also includes amenities that will make you feel spoiled, lavished, and pampered. It goes above and beyond simple convenience items to create an overall feeling of opulence. To achieve this type of atmosphere in your home, consider adding some of the following top luxury home amenities:

Gourmet Kitchen

Create a gourmet kitchen within your home, with features like restaurant-quality appliances, induction countertops, and warming drawers. If you are like many homeowners, your kitchen is your home’s hub, especially when it comes to entertaining, so creating a luxurious atmosphere in this room can be ideal.

Home Theater

Another luxurious amenity you can add to your home is a home theater. Go beyond the simple leather seats and opt for rumble seats or those with heat or massage included with the recliner as modern luxury home features. Choose a projection screen and a slanted floor for even more impact, and your home will soon be “the place” for watching the big game!

Resort-Style Swimming Pool

There likely isn’t a singular item with more impact on an overall luxurious feel of a home than a swimming pool. If you opt for a resort-style, you can include a waterfall, swim-up bar, grotto, or opt for an infinite pool. This will set your home apart from those around you, even if most of the houses nearby have basic pools.

Exercise Room

An exercise room is yet another addition to your home that creates a luxurious feel. While you can make the trip to the gym several times a week, why bother if you can create your own space at home to stay in shape? Add equipment like an elliptical machine, a treadmill, a stationary bike, and/or a weight bench or weights. Add a mirror, so you can check your form, and make sure you install some fans or mist machines for when you get your heart pumping. It’s also a great idea to have a TV installed in this room to give you some extra motivation to work out for long amounts of time.


As part of your fitness area, you can also add a spa, steam room, or Jacuzzi to further promote healing and wellness. In reality, health and wellness are luxurious, so adding elements like a spa to your home will go a long way toward creating a luxurious space.

Sports Court/Field

Staying in shape is also made possible by adding a sports court or field to your property. This can include a putting green or a pickleball, tennis, or basketball court. You might even prefer a batting cage or miniature football field. Make use of your space to create a fun area to enjoy time with your friends and family.

Wine Cellar/Tasting Room

Wine is often synonymous with luxury or a luxurious ambiance, so adding a wine tasting area or a wine cellar with wine storage, wine barrels, and/or custom lighting to your home will enhance the luxurious feel of its atmosphere. It is also ideal for entertaining.

Game Room

Adding a game room with a billiard table, pinball, arcade games or a screen with various gaming systems is another luxurious home amenity you can add to your space. The idea is to create a fun space where you can entertain or just wind down yourself.

Smart-Home Technology

Smart-home technology makes even mundane acts like turning the lights off and on a luxurious experience. You can automate many of your home’s systems and incorporate various tech throughout your space to create a luxurious existence within your home.


Last but not least, having a room solely committed to literature is a great way to add a sense of luxury to your home. Just think about the rich shelving and the smell of the pages and perhaps the leather furnishings as you enter the space, and you will know why adding a library to your home can make you feel as if you are in the lap of luxury.


Consider the above luxury home items when designing and building your own custom home to create a space that feels opulent and abundant.

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