Top Community Amenities for New Neighborhoods

When moving to a new neighborhood, most residents consider the property’s specific features and proximity to shopping centers, schools, recreation facilities, etc. However, the new neighborhood’s community amenities should never be ignored when planning to move.

You obviously want a neighborhood that prioritizes convenience and comfort for its residents. For this reason, it’s important to find out the exact amenities available in that particular neighborhood before committing to a move.

What is a Residential Amenity?

Community amenities are characteristics of a residential property that enhance the lifestyle of residents. Any interior or exterior space created to benefit potential property buyers or tenants can also be considered a community amenity.

Community Park

Popular Amenities for Community Neighborhoods

Here are a few neighborhood amenities examples that every community should have.


Most residential properties have pools either indoors or outdoors. But to get the most out of the pool in your community, it’s advisable to tour the pool area and consider a few things, such as:

• Is the staff friendly and welcoming to new residents?

• Does the pool provide some privacy from the general public?

• Is the pool the right size?

• Is the pool well-maintained and clean?

• What are the hours of operation, and do they align with your schedule?

Fitness Center

A fitness center is an important amenity to look for when moving to a new neighborhood. When taking a tour of the neighborhood fitness center, ask yourself the following questions.

• Does the fitness center have a variety of modern workout equipment?

• How clean is the facility?

• What are the hours of operation, and do they align with your schedule?

Recreational Areas

A good neighborhood should have at least a café, restaurant, or bar for adults. If you need to grab a snack or enjoy a beer with friends or family, you should certainly have a place you can go to within your neighborhood.

Shared Social Spaces

A shared social space is essential, especially when you need to host an event, such as a birthday party. Most neighborhoods have a community clubhouse that’s usually rented out to residents to host such events at a small fee.

When inspecting the clubhouse, consider the size, availability, fees, cleanliness, hours of operation, rules and regulations, etc.

Child-Friendly Amenities

A good neighborhood should offer child-friendly amenities, such as indoor and outdoor play areas, game rooms, educational centers, among others. The neighborhood should also be safe and secure for kids at all times.

Pet-friendly Amenities

Statistics show that 67% of US households have pets. For this reason, a decent neighborhood should include pet-related amenities such as waste stations, off-leash dog parks, and dog-friendly hiking trails.

Community Park

Importance of Social Amenities: Bring the Neighborhood Together

Living in a well-maintained neighborhood with great social amenities for all ages comes with many benefits. Examples include:

• Perfect for families, especially with kids

• Brings neighbors together

• Promotes active lifestyles

• Good for positive mental health

• Improves the quality of life

Bottom Line

Finding a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle and provides value for your money should be a top priority when planning to move. Amenities such as a fitness center can help you save lots of money you would have otherwise spent on a monthly gym membership. And, social amenities help build a community feel. More importantly, amenities can improve the quality of life and create a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, which is great for positive mental and physical health.

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