Top 5 Misconceptions about Building a Custom Home

As one of Arizona’s premier builders, we hear a lot about what people think when it comes to building their homes. And while people are certainly excited about the prospect of being able to pick and choose different features and amenities in their homes, too many people disqualify themselves from having their dream homes. From one source or another, people have created these misconceptions in their heads about buying a home that are simply not true. Our team at Cachet Homes wanted to address some of these misconceptions and point out how a tailor ordered home is an affordable option for everyone.

top misconceptions about building a custom home

Is Building a Home More Expensive than Buying an Existing Home?

Contrary to popular belief, building a home can be cost-effective in the long run as it allows you to control the budget and prioritize your needs, avoiding expensive renovations or repairs that may come with an existing home. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose cost-effective materials and energy-efficient features, potentially reducing long-term maintenance costs. Builders like Cachet Homes know how to help manage a budget, finding different cost-effective ways to ensure your dollars go further than with other builders.

Does Building a Home Take Too Long?

While building a home does require careful planning and construction time, modern building techniques, advanced project management, and the ability to work with experienced professionals can streamline the process and avoid unnecessary delays. With effective planning and communication, it is possible to complete a home build within a reasonable timeframe.

Are Custom Homes Not Worth the Money?

A tailor built home is an opportunity to design your dream space, for hosting family and friends, having that dream kitchen, and other beautiful features that you can’t get any other way. Our process allows for a range of choices when choosing different features of your home, which lets you make your home uniquely your own while being mindful of cost. Customization doesn’t automatically mean extravagant costs; it means having a home designed to meet your specific needs and preferences. At Cachet Homes, we work closely with homeowners to tailor to their specific vision, helping to turn aspirations into reality every single day. For those who have already found their Cachet Home, it is a resounding yes it is worth it.

Will a Smaller House Cost Less to Build?

At Cachet Homes, we make tailor-built homes easy. Our pre-designed floor plans come with a range of choices that you can decide upon for what best fits your lifestyle and needs. There is room for your creative vision to come in and create an idealized living space, but there is no prerequisite to being a master builder. Our team can walk you through step by step of the process, ensuring you are fully informed along the way. Our customers have loved the process of watching their dream home being built in real time with their valuable inputs guiding the process.

Luxury Home Builders in North Phoenix

Your dream home does not have to only be a dream- Cachet Homes helps homeowners make their home wishes come true. We know there are some misconceptions out there about tailor-ordered home builds, but the reality is that a home in Phoenix is an affordable option for countless homeowners. Don’t let misconceptions deter you; we offer cost-effective solutions that fit various budgets while ensuring your home is uniquely tailored to your preferences. Experience a streamlined building process, expert guidance, and creative design options that make your dream home a reality. Embrace luxury living without breaking the bank – contact Cachet Homes today.

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