Top 5 Design Trends For New Homes

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While the year has brought with it many unwanted changes, not all of them have been negative. In fact, it has been a great year for innovative home design trends. With home interiors garnering great focus thanks to today’s stay at home orders, our surroundings are more important than ever. Thankfully, when it comes to awesome design trends, the year did not disappoint. Read on to learn more:

New Home Design Trends

1. Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are once again a favorite for homeowners, especially in new home design. While they first gained popularity because they could duplicate the look of granite without the maintenance requirements, quartz trends are moving away from the granite look and instead embracing large intermittent color patterns or more widely spaced veins. Many homeowners are opting to forgo the speckled look that was so popular in the early 2000s and embrace a fresh look using quartz.

2. New Look in Backsplashes

Another interesting change is the new options for backsplashes. Homeowners can opt for a counter to ceiling backsplash which spans the entire wall and creates interest. Go with large subway tiles, try metallic or mirrored finishes, incorporate patterns, or try out rock or alternative material to really give your space a personal touch of style. There is no need to subdue the look of a backsplash as color is welcome and encouraged. 

3. Patterned Tile For Laundry Rooms and Bathrooms

There are countless choices when it comes to tile for today’s homeowner. They can choose from many designs, colors, shapes, and even textures. This year, there is one tile trend standing out above the rest for bathrooms and laundry rooms which is patterned tile. This could include anything from subway tiles to graphic patterns and everything in between. Incorporating patterns into popular design allows homeowners to show off creativity and style through interesting, classic, and impressive tile patterns. 

4. Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Everyone loves the look of rich hardwood flooring. Unfortunately, the price point for such luxury isn’t always within every homeowner’s budget. Thankfully, luxury vinyl flooring offers homeowners a way to create an expensive-looking floor without spending a fortune. While vinyl has gotten a bad rap for being associated with ugly, outdated linoleum circa 1980s, today’s version is anything but ugly. Vinyl can mimic the look of real hardwood and create a beautiful base to the room, allowing homeowners to decorate and accessorize the rest of the room with ease. 

5. Incorporate Colors

Color, not just splashes of it, but genuine, bold, happy color is transforming homes. The color wheel is finding its way into home’s this year and pushing out more subdued, neutral colors. No color is too bold. No hue too outrageous. The sky is truly the limit for color this year. 

Each of these design trends offer a new look for the home and expand the possibilities as to what is accepted in home design. There are very few limitations as homeowners are feeling more free to experiment with patterns, colors, and textures, embracing a wide range of options for new homes.


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