Tips for Preparing Your Home to Host Over the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner, making now the time to get your home ready! This means getting your home ready now so that when your family and/or friends arrive, you are able to embrace all the joys of the season and relax and enjoy yourself in the moment.

Getting Your House Ready for The Holidays: Here’s How

home decorated for the holidays


Decorate Common Areas

Think of the most commonly used areas in your house, like your kitchen and your living space or family room for example. Incorporate various types of holiday decor that exude your personal preferences, using greenery, lights, ornaments, etc. into these main areas. Aim for one focal point in each room and then accessorize throughout the space, bringing it all together. Don’t worry about decorating every nook and cranny, instead focus on where your guests will be spending the most time.

Incorporate Holiday Scents and Candles

In addition to decorating your living space for the season, it’s also important to make sure your space smells heavenly. After all, there is nothing as good as stepping into your space and smelling the holiday favorites of cookies, nutmeg, and cinnamon. While you can get these smells the organic way by baking, you can ensure the smell lingers by using holiday scents and candles or wax melts.

Clean and Declutter Floors

Make sure your space is decluttered for any events you are hosting. Declutter your floors and then clean them well. It’s important to have your home as clean as possible before you have house guests or host a family event.

Get Your Kitchen Ready

Speaking of cleaning, pay special attention to your kitchen area, getting it ready for all the holiday baking you will be doing in the upcoming season. This is also a great time to clean the appliances like your oven and fridge and get out any table settings or special china you plan on using. Clean them up until they are gleaming and ready for your event.

Create a Gift Wrapping Area

Another way to make the holiday season a little easier this year is to create a gift wrapping area or station. Set a specific location in your home where you place gift bags, stuffing, wrapping paper, tags, scissors, tape, and anything else you will need to gift wrap. You will save yourself tons of time simply by keeping everything in one place and ready to go when you have to wrap something up real quick.

Baby Proof (or Puppy Proof) if Company is Coming

Baby proofing is of paramount importance if you are having company coming for the holidays who have babies or toddlers. This means making your space as safe as possible. You might also consider what changes you need to make if anyone is bringing along a puppy or even a grown dog. Cover outlets, consider cabinet closers and baby gates.

Dress up The Bathroom

Finally, don’t forget your bathroom. Opt for some themed hand towels, holiday scented candles, and other relaxing items like eucalyptus bath salts to create a haven for your guests in the midst of the harried holiday season. Make sure to stock your bathroom well, ensuring there are enough towels and toilet paper and other necessities.


Keep the tips listed above when getting ready for the holidays. Keep them in mind to prepare your home for this year’s holiday celebrations. Completing each of them will ensure that you are ready to enjoy this year’s festivities, making it the best yet!

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