Tips For Choosing Your New Phoenix Home Builder

Selecting the right builder for your new home construction is a serious task.

You want a contractor who is not only experienced and highly skilled, but also organized and friendly. Furthermore, as you work together over the course of the project, they should be easy to get in touch with and you should feel comfortable conversing with them and expressing your opinion.

Certainly, there are a plethora of considerations to keep in mind as you make this big decision, but we’ve narrowed down the list to the top five.

5 Essential Considerations for Choosing a New Home Builder

When it comes to choosing your new home builder, make sure the contractor you select fits the bill in these key areas:

1. Live in a Convenient Location

Naturally, your selection of builders will be immediately narrowed based on the location you choose to build in. This is perhaps the most important decision when selecting your new home builder as the location will impact many areas of your life. Some considerations to think about as you choose a location for your new home include:

  • Area amenities: Parks, bike paths, natural landscape features, communal areas, golf courses, etc.
  • School districts.
  • Proximity to work location.
  • Proximity to shopping, dining, entertainment and activities.
  • Community environment.

2. Consider Every Aspect of a Budget

Not all builders will be within everyone’s budget. Certain contractors will focus on expansive luxury homes while others will take on a wider range of jobs. Decide on your budget first, and then look into the types of homes that the potential builders you’re considering construct. Next, consider what you’re getting for your money and compare to similar builders in the area you select.

3. Develop a Strong Home Style Vision

Home style is a key factor in choosing your new home builder. Is your home style and vision something they can deliver? Start by flipping through construction and architectural magazines to get a feel for what you want your home to look like. Research the major design choices you’ll need to make first, and get an understanding of home size options as well as lot size options. Finally, tour model homes, and take pictures and notes that you’ll later be able to show your builder for reference.

4. Do Your Research and Ask Questions

Communication is key when selecting your builder and designing your dream home. Start meeting with potential builders and asking questions. Do your research beforehand, pre-record your questions in a notebook (with space beneath each one), and take notes. There are several questions that are essential as you move forward:

  • Financing: What options are available?
  • Timing: What can you expect as a timeline for the build? When will you be able to move in?
  • Upgrades: To what degree are upgrades and customizations available? Is it a semi-custom build? What exactly is included in the base price vs. upgrades?
  • Warranties: What sort of warranties do the builders offer?
  • Testimonials: Can you speak with past clients to hear about their experiences? Are there testimonials available?

5. Learn More About the local HOA

If you will be building within a homeowner association, be sure to inquire about the requirements and amenities. You’ll want to know about the required costs and the benefits of being part of the HOA.

Building a new house should be an exciting experience for you and your family. Still, many people find the task daunting and often put it off or go straight to buying a pre-owned home. In truth, building a new home doesn’t have to be an endless hassle, and in many ways, it’s a much more affordable endeavor than buying a home that’s already been built to someone else’s specifications and lived in for years. You deserve your dream home, and you can get it with the right builder at your side.

If you’re looking for a home builder in the Phoenix, Arizona area, contact Cachet Homes at (480) 556-7000 for more information and assistance with bringing your dream home to life.

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