Smart Houses: Advanced Technology in New Homes

Smart Houses: Advanced Technology in New Homes

Sure, the whole idea of smart homes sounds quite futuristic, but guess what? The future is already here. The term describes current home automation features that Cachet Homes technology integration allow homeowners and other residents to control much of their environment, all from one console.

So rather than requiring someone to get up and turn on or turn off a lamp, they can hit a button on their mobile device or wall panel and adjust a room’s light level. The same smart technology can now do everything from close the blinds to adjust the thermostat.

Technology in Smart Homes

Technology in smart homes doesn’t necessarily mean just fun toys to play with or making sure you keep up with the latest home electronic trends. Smart use of smart tech has practical benefits as well, everything from smart security and smart door locks so your home is safer to learning better ways to manage and improve your home’s energy efficiency and maybe save some money on your power bill each month.

Smart home use is becoming increasingly popular topic. It’s grown significantly in the last few years and is expected to keep on growing.

According to Grand View Research, the smart home market size is currently valued at $62.69 billion, and is expected to increase 27 percent each year by 2030. Experts credit this with interest in better security using smart technology and more focus on managing home energy..

Some examples of improved smart technology in new homes include: 

Smart security

Your smart security system can easily be created or integrate with an existing system that’s already in place and add new features. This includes being able to monitor different perimeters of your home with your general system which is more convenient. Do you live in the country and more rural areas? You might be interested in smart cameras which can show live images or record images. These can be useful for monitoring who is coming to the door or even greeting someone through a home’s outdoor remote services. Smart Door locks can also provide homeowners the ability to open or close locks via their console. This can also be useful to allow someone to enter even if you’re not physically on site.

Smart energy

Using a variety of tools and methods can improve a home’s overall energy strategy. This goes far beyond being able to change the smart thermostat remotely to looking at all HVAC services and comparing them to past quarters in far as different coverage and costs. This can start with identifying all the smart devices currently in use and items related to ventilation. Smart bulbs are one easy starting place, since each one can be controlled individually or adjusted as a group. Next are smart vents, which can help regulate warmer or cooler air inside a home. Smart ceiling fans are next. If you notice the temperature is getting higher in a home and you don’t want it to continue, you can activate the fans to move the air around in a home.

Overall, asking “what is a smart home?” is a perfect opportunity to learn more from experts about ways to improve your home’s overall efficiency. It also helps to see new homes that have these features such as at Cachet Homes locations around Arizona. As part of Cachet Homes technology integration, the company puts significant effort into installing smart features in its homes.

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