Popular Home Features Post COVID-19

The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed the way we live life. Now, crowds seem threatening and the mere thought of going into a restaurant for a leisurely meal feels like a luxury. The change in mindset doesn’t stop there, they have also altered the way we function from day to day at home, which includes our home design preferences.

“As buyers hopefully move past the COVID 19 phase and begin their home buying search, they may desire a few home features that hadn’t previously been on the top of their list.” -Sue Goodrich, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Cachet Homes

Consider the following home features that will likely be in high demand post COVID-19:

Large, Spacious Pantries & Extra Storage

“Storage is now top of mind as everyone has extra food, paper products and cleaning products in their homes. This storage could be in the form of larger pantries or storage closets within the home.”  -Sue Goodrich, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Cachet Homes

According to a study by the International Food Information Council Foundation, which polled participants’ food shopping habits during the COVID-19 pandemic, 47% said they are now eating at home more than before and showed they were purchasing more shelf-stable foods, which demands storage space. Consequently, it is safe to assume that post COVID-19, one feature that will trend is large, spacious pantries with plenty of room for food storage as well as an extra closet space for emergency supplies and equipment. 

Bathroom & Cleaning Supply Storage

In the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, an interesting buying trend was set in motion. Toilet paper became as valuable as gold it seemed, with family after family seeking to hoard cases of it in masses. Why this happened is debatable, and there are several different theories. However, many American homeowners discovered through the COVID-19 toilet paper-stockpile situation, that they didn’t have adequate bathroom storage space for extra supplies such as toilet paper, wipes, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. Expect bathroom storage and plenty of it to be on the “must have” list for many homeowners seeking to either build a home or update their existing one. 

Home Office Space

Remote work boomed during COVID-19, promoting many employers and employees to work from home. This movement towards remote work reveals a very real possibility that many workers may continue to work, at least occasionally, from home even after it’s safe to venture back to work. Global Workplace Analytics estimate some 56% of the American workforce have jobs conducive to remote work. The need to work from home has made it apparent that many people don’t have an ideal home office setup. A functional, dedicated office space away from high traffic family areas in the house will likely be a trendy home feature in the coming months and years. 

Kids Playroom / Rec Room

COVID-19 brought kids out of classrooms and into the home to learn. With parents also working from home, this unique dynamic revealed a potential problem in home design; a lack of an adequate playroom or dedicated kid’s area. A separation of dedicated spaces for daily activities goes a long way in focus and productivity. An exclusive space for children to learn, store their toys, and entertain themselves will likely be a priority in new home design, additions, and buyer requests in the near future.

Backyard Area 

When travel was limited or restricted during the shelter-in-place orders that spread around the nation, a family’s backyard area became their respite, their vacation spot, their paradise. Unfortunately, many found their outdoor space to be a bit lacking. Features such as swimming pools, outdoor dining areas, play structures, gardens, shaded seating, and fire pits are sure to be in demand which will certainly call for ample usable backyard space. Therefore, expect functional backyard and/or outdoor living spaces to become a trending must-have addition to home design in the coming year and beyond. 

Small Bonus Space 

The final post COVID-19 trend expected to show up as a desired home feature is a bonus space. Let’s face it, having families all share the same space to work, learn, enjoy recreation, etc., shows a real need for allocated bonus space in a house. Whether this space becomes another home office, yoga studio, craft room, game room, or home gym, bonus spaces will be coveted for their versatility, creativity, and functionality. 

What’s to Come?

Look for the above trends to show up in home design thanks to COVID-19. People seeking to move into a new place in the coming months and years should absolutely look out for these desirable features that make home life so much easier!


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