Ideas for Creating a Man Cave in the Garage

Biker Man Cave

If you have extra garage space, then you’ve probably considered the idea of turning that space into a man cave. Having a man cave is the pinnacle of suburban living for a man. It allows you to turn that space into a haven for what you love, whether it be watching sports, working shop, nerding out, or just sitting back with a cold one in a private space that is all yours.

A garage may not be the first choice for a man cave, but it is definitely a great second to a basement. In this article, we’ll discuss different ideas for how to transform your garage into your very own man cave.

How to Create a Man Cave in Your Garage

• General Setup

Before you start designing your man cave to fit your theme or hobby, you’ll want to do some basic setup to make the garage more liveable.

• Insulation

The first step you should start with is insulating and ventilating your garage so that it stays warm in the winter and isn’t too hot in the summer. Do this by insulating the walls of your garage and filling any holes or cracks. Also, if you’re thinking of putting up drywall, consider using wood planking instead, it will make the man cave look much better.

Next, add some fans or an AC unit to keep your man cave properly ventilated, cool, and mold-free.

Because your garage probably isn’t connected to your home’s HVAC system, consider also adding a heater, a space heater should do the trick.

• Upgrade flooring

Using epoxy resin on the garage floor is a cheap and easy way to make your man cave easier to clean. Plus, you can install any number of cheap flooring options and cover it with epoxy to better design the space.

• Lighting

Although your garage may have some natural lighting, you’ll likely want to install some new lighting. Having a poorly lit man cave or one that’s lit up with fluorescent lights can make or break your man cave. So spend some time installing lighting either in the form of standing lights or daylight bulbs. Getting smart bulbs will allow you to finetune the lighting in your man cave.

Garage Game Room

Specific 2-Car Garage Man Cave Ideas

The rest of the design will depend on what purpose you want your man cave to serve. Is it a place for you to watch sports and drink beer? Is it going to be your private workshop? Or is it going to be a game room? Your answer greatly determines how the rest of your design will go.

Below, we’ve briefly outlined some garage ideas for guys you can use for a sports bar, private workshop, and game room-themed man caves.

Sports Bar:

• Hang a TV or projector

• Furnish with old/used furniture

• Build a custom bar

• Add a mini-fridge

• Decorate with team merchandise and memorabilia

Private Workshop:

• Add a custom tool organizer and storage

• Use curtain dividers for dust

• Install new professional lighting

Game Room:

• Add a pool table, ping pong table, darts board

• Create a space for VR setup

• Install videogame consoles

• Install a monitor or projector for video games

• Setup speakers

Whether you are looking to turn an existing 2-car garage into a mancave or are building a new home and want your garage space set up as a man cave, use the above ideas to create the ultimate man space.

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