How to Hide TV Wires Over a Brick Fireplace

TV Above Brick Fireplace

So you want to learn how to hide TV wires over a brick fireplace? That’s understandable. Loose hanging wires are not only unsightly but also dangerous, especially when hanging over the fireplace. But that’s not something you need to worry about anymore; you can safeguard the TV wires and make your brick fireplace look presentable with a few tips.

But first things first, here are some important points to consider:

What to Consider Before Mounting TV Over Fireplace

Prior to mounting your TV over your fireplace, you have a few considerations to take into account:

  • Check the wall’s temperature. You don’t want the wires melting when they come in contact with the brick wall. To avoid this, use a thermometer to check the wall’s temperature above the fireplace and the surrounding areas. Anything close to 100 degrees is hot enough to melt wires.
  • Consider the angle. Opt for an eye-level position for optimal viewing. The last thing you want is to suffer a stick neck from watching a TV that’s mounted too high.
  • Find the nearest power outlet. Ensure the TV is close to a power outlet and that the cables reach the outlet without overstretching.

Different Ways to Hide TV Wires Over a Fireplace

Once you’ve checked the temperature, found a great viewing angle, and located the nearest power outlet, here’s how to hide TV wires over a brick fireplace.

Use a Cable Mounting Kit

A cable mounting kit contains all or at least most of the tools you’ll need for hiding TV cables over brick fireplace. A standard mounting kit will come with different tools to help feed HDMI, coax, or even gaming cables to the wall. This results in a neat and easy installation process.

Band the Cords Together

Using a cord tie is one of the best ways to band the cords together. This keeps the cords in place, minimizing the chances of accidents that could harm you, other residents, or even wreck the TV. For best results, use the ties every six inches of the cord.

Build a Wooden Pallet Mantel

If you have a wooden pallet mantel, you can drill an opening into it, providing the wires a pathway to the electrical outlet. You can even get more creative by leaving an opening (with a door) on one side of the mantel to provide easier access to the cables when needed. When done, paint the mantel with a color that matches your interior decor and leave it to dry.

Install Wall Panels

Wall panels work great, especially if you have a larger living area. You can create your own wall panel from scratch or order a custom-made version online. When using wall panels, the wires typically go behind the panel, and then the panel comes in between the TV and the wall.

Hire a Professional

If you’re not a DIY kind of person, you might consider hiring a professional TV mounting service. The good thing about letting a professional do the job is that they have much-needed experience and training. These professionals also minimize the chances of damage to your precious TV or wall because they know the dos and don’ts of wiring a TV above your brick fireplace.

These are just a few decisions you get to make when you are looking to customize your new home.

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