Giving Your Home a Vacation Theme

It’s wonderful to have some time to get away and enjoy some downtime. Being on vacation is good for body, soul, and mind, and a tranquil vacation spot can leave you feeling relaxed and renewed. What if you could bring that vacation feeling home with you? We have a few suggestions for making your home feel like a vacation every day.

Create a spa in your bathroom

A big soaker tub is ideal, but if that’s out of your reach, you can still give your bathroom a spa-like ambiance. Ditch the cluttered counters in favor of simple baskets with towels and spa treatments, add some candles and a plant or two, and your bathroom becomes a retreat.

Bring the outside inside

Plants make every space more welcoming, and they’re an inexpensive and healthy way to decorate. Consider a potted palm, a gallery wall of potted plants, or lush hanging baskets both inside and out. You’ll be breathing cleaner air, and all that greenery will make your home feel like a getaway.

Don’t be afraid of a theme

Decorate in whimsical tropical décor, or bring in driftwood and sea glass to create a look reminiscent of the beach. Use soothing blues in your decorating for a coastal feel, incorporate navy stripes for a nautical look, or warm it up with wood and deep greens to replicate a mountain hideaway. Whatever makes you feel like you’re on vacation can be the perfect theme for an inviting room in your home.

Utilize your outdoor living spaces

Create a haven in your own backyard, with comfortable furniture, welcoming décor, and shady spots perfect for relaxing. Add a fire pit and some cozy throws, and your outdoor getaway becomes just as lovely in the evenings as it is during the day.

Display the treasures that mean vacation to you

When you’re on vacation, look for objects that you can bring home and display, to remind you of the wonderful time you had when you were away. Interesting objects from faraway places can make you feel transported, bring up happy memories, and spark conversation with guests who also find them appealing.

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