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DISCOVER: Litchfield Area

Back in 1916, Goodyear Tire and Rubber bought farm land to grow Egyptian long-staple cotton to use in tire cords in what is now known as Goodyear. Paul Litchfield, a junior executive with Goodyear, developed a master-plan community to be the company town and it was so named in 1926.

Just 16 miles west of downtown Phoenix, this master-planned residential community with the small town atmosphere and casual lifestyle. Litchfield Park is a favorite for many reasons including the low crime rate—81% lower than the state average.

Residents here have a 63% higher median household income ($73,996 and home values average $336,100 which is 88 percent higher than the state average.

Nominated number one among the top ten best places to live in Arizona. https://www.movoto.com/blog/top-ten/best-cities-in-arizona/