you’re gonna love our flexiblity.

In addition, we have a time schedule outlining the important steps you will need to take prior to start of construction, which we will provide to you upon signing of contract. You will know from day one exactly what is expected of you, and at what time you need to act. Whether you are picking out upgrades, or simply choosing between your standard choices, you will know how much time you have to complete those steps. We want to make sure your home is built the way you desire, so we do what we can to ensure you have plenty of time to make your selections and get them back to your sales associate before your home construction begins.

In order to provide every home buyer with the opportunity to understand how their home is constructed, we have a pre-construction meeting and a pre-drywall meeting. This helps homeowners to fully grasp the stages of construction, and why certain changes can’t be made once the home has passed a specific point in the building process. These meetings are conducted by a Cachet Homes construction professional. You’ll have the opportunity to walk your lot at the pre-construction meeting, and to walk through your framed home at the pre-drywall meeting.

Your pre-closing walk-through is the most important of all! This is when your beautiful home is complete, and you get to see how everything has turned out. You will meet with a Cachet Homes Construction Superintendent, who will explain all the little details of operating your home, and will present you with a Homeowner’s Manual that includes all the warranty and contact information you will need after you move in.

The only thing left is to wish you years of happiness in your new home!