Advantages of Buying a Condominium

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While condo living may not be for everyone, the advantages to this type of home are great indeed. Condominiums are ideal for those looking to downsize, small families, seasonal homeowners, couples just getting started, or anyone who wants to experience convenient, luxurious living. The following are some key advantages of buying a condominium over other single-family homes:


Wouldn’t it be lovely to own a home but not have to worry about exterior maintenance? No cutting the grass, no pool maintenance, no fixing the busted siding, no yard work to speak of? Of course, it would! Well, that’s what condo living is like. In fact, the low-maintenance factor is one of the biggest advantages condominiums have over other types of housing. 

Lock and Leave Lifestyle

Condos present a great opportunity for those prone to wander. A condo owner simply locks their doors and leaves their condo while they visit all sorts of exotic and interesting locations, knowing they have nothing to worry about on the exterior of their home.


When compared to other types of residences, the cost of homeowners insurance is more affordable for condominiums. In many cases, paying Homeowners Association (HOA) fees will cover the dwelling itself. Condo owners usually only have to insure the interior of their condominium and their belongings. This greatly reduces the cost of insurance. 

Sense of Community

Most condominiums feature communal spaces such as amenity areas with pools, exercise rooms, and indoor or outdoor recreation areas. Enjoying these spaces and amenities creates a strong sense of community. Your neighbors become your friends and everyone looks out for each other. 

Access to Nearby Entertainment, Shopping, Dining

Condos are usually located conveniently near a great deal of dining, shopping, and entertainment options. They often provide residents with easy access to all of these great locations. In most cases, condo residents will be close enough to the action to either walk to bars, theaters, or restaurants, or close enough to access public transportation to get to said locations. Bottom line: condo living means being close to lots of fun events and activities. 

Premium Amenities 

Everyone enjoys luxurious amenities. However, living in luxury isn’t always in the budget. Thankfully, condominiums give residents access to various premium amenities they can use at their discretion, without having to worry about the maintenance associated with those particular amenities. For example, many condos offer residents access to a fitness center, BBQs, a pool, spas, tennis courts,  or more. Paying for access and upkeep of these amenities is often worked into the monthly HOA payment, but is still much cheaper than paying for them as an individual. 

Bottom Line

Condo living presents a unique opportunity to live in luxury, enjoy a sense of community, have the ability to travel at will, and more. If you’re looking to live the life described here, be sure to check out the beautiful condominiums at Cachet at the Wigwam near Litchfield Park, Arizona or Cachet at Monterey Ridge near the 101 and Scottsdale Road. Please contact Cachet Homes at (480) 556-7051 or visit our website at for more information.

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