8 Features You Need in Your New Home

Designing a new home presents a world of possibilities, allowing you to integrate some of your most “dream worthy” features into your actual construction. The following are eight of the best new home features we recommend for anyone building a new home today:

1.) Soft Closing Drawers & Cabinets

This popular feature came along in the wave of recent home wares innovations. The system basically works to prevent your drawers or cabinets from slamming closed. Instead, this mechanism means your cabinet doors and drawers ease shut, making no noise at all. However, beyond simply being quieter, a soft close mechanism protects fragile items that you have stored inside cabinets. 

2.) USB Outlets

Another super helpful, must-have feature to consider for your new home is USB outlets. This design feature is directly related to our society’s obsession with tablets and smartphones. With a USB outlet, which has a USB socket built right in, no block needed, you will hear shouts of joy from family members and guests alike as they recharge their devices conveniently with ease. 

3.) In/Under Cabinet Lighting (LED)

Under cabinet and/or in cabinet lighting is exactly what you would imagine, lighting that illuminates the space under and inside your kitchen cabinets. They can reduce the amount of additional light you need to see your way around your kitchen, enhancing your efficiency, and providing a measure of elegance as well. 

4.) Quartz Countertops 

Used primarily in kitchens and bathrooms, quartz countertops are a welcome addition to any new home. They are easy to maintain, and unlike natural stone, require no sealing. It also makes an ideal working surface because of its strength.

5.) Convenient Laundry Room 

Speaking of laundry, another beneficial feature to include in your new home design is an oversized laundry area. By creating a larger space than traditionally allotted for laundry, the room can serve other purposes, like providing a space for a gift wrapping station, sewing room, craft area, etc.

6.) Teen Hangout and/or Playroom Away From Family Room

Legos, barbie dolls, play kitchens, and more can quickly overwhelm a family room. Therefore, when kids are little, consider including a playroom into your new home design. Once your kids are older, transform this into a teen hangout room. Think TV, video games, pool table, etc. Although your kids will love their own individual space in the house, you will love it even more because it means you can keep your family room dedicated to hosting guests and increase the chance it stays relatively clean. 

7.) Key Drop Area Inside Garage Entrance

Another helpful feature you can add to your new construction is a key drop area within your garage entrance. This keeps your keys in an easy-to-access location. You can also add an area for shoes so guests can remove shoes before entering your home, and/or incorporate an area for bag/coat storage, all within easy access inside your garage.  

8.) Large Pantry for Storage 

A spacious walk-in pantry can help your kitchen function more efficiently. The added space allows your cabinets and drawers to breathe while also providing ample opportunity for organization and flow. With more storage space, you’ll be able to stock up on paper products, dry foods, canned goods, spices, bulk foods, and more. That means less trips to the grocery store, not to mention that storing these goods in a cool, dry place can extend their shelf life and prevent spoilage. 

Consider the eight new home features listed above for any new home construction. They are all interesting, attractive, and practical must-have additions to any home. If you’re looking to build or buy a new home in the Phoenix area, contact Cachet Homes at (480) 556-7000 and we’ll walk you through your options.












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