5 Home Reorganizing Ideas for Spring

Home Reorganizing Ideas for Spring

Spring is the season most associated with cleaning, but it’s also a great time to get your home organized. You might need some ideas to get started, so check out the following tips to get your home organized inside and out.

Ideas for Home Spring Cleaning

1. Storage Shed

Sheds often get cluttered so doing some reorganizing can really help. Try hanging a heavy-duty wood lattice on the inside of the shed door to hang up tools like a broom and a small shovel. Use S hooks, broom clamps, or binder clips suspended from a hook.

2. Umbrellas

Along with the nice weather in spring comes some rain. Having an umbrella handy is great, but it’s easy to get your floors wet when you come inside. Take an inexpensive flower bucket and paint the bottom in a festive color. Use the bucket to store the family’s umbrellas near the front door.

3. Spring Cleaning Bucket

If you want to make your spring cleaning easier and more efficient, put together a spring cleaning bucket complete with everything you need including all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, a sponge, a squeegee, a scrub brush, towels, rubber gloves, and more.

4. Garden Cleanup

Cleaning up your garden may sound like a difficult task, but streamlining it by sorting debris can make it easier. Use a wheelbarrow to store biodegradable waste and then simply dump it on a compost heap. Use another bucket for trash like broken pots and rocks hanging over the wheelbarrow’s edge using an S hook.

5. Pots and Lids

De-clutter your pots and pans by installing some metal towel bars inside of your pantry door. Use those racks to store lids for the pots and pans in your pantry. Use a towel rack that isn’t too bulky or fancy.


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